Product brief introduction

Conch brand fiber cement board, namely autoclaved non-asbestos cellulose fiber cement slab(Cellulose Fiber Cement Sheets,Autoclaved,English abbreviation ACA), is a green energy-saving board produced by imported virgin pulp fiber, Portland cement, high silica quartz sand, etc. through automated high-tech.The maximum size of the product can reach 1220*4880mm. It is a new type of construction and decoration material that integrates energy saving, environmental protection, fire and flame retardant, good weather resistance and convenient construction.It is widely used in exterior wall insulation decoration, interior wall decoration protection, wall material lining board, ceiling, floor slab, billboard, cabin partition, fire board, furniture partition and post-processing fields such as painting, perforation, embossing, etc.


Performance advantage

The cement and siliceous material in the raw materials of Conch fiber cement board are autoclaved together, which is no longer a traditional cement board. It inherits the waterproof and anti-corrosion advantages of cement, and overcomes the shortcomings of ordinary cement products that are easy to dry and shrink.At the same time, the board does not contain harmful substances such as asbestos, which is a new type of building material with excellent performance and wide application.


Products and applications


Excellent product performance makes fiber cement board suitable for many fields such as architectural decoration:External wall insulation decoration system, partition wall (fire protection, sound insulation, etc.) system, ceiling system, floor system, roof system, wall material (board) lining system, real stone paint, UV transfer, sculpture and other subsequent processing fields.


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