Yangzhou Haichang Port Industry Co., Ltd. was funded and established by China Haichuang Holdings Co., Ltd. with a registered capital of 220.5 million yuan. It was approved for establishment on October 30, 2006.The company is located in Jiangdu Economic Development Zone, Yangzhou City, with a distance of 222km from Wusongkou to Nanjing and 120km from Nanjing. It completed all the approvals for the terminal project in September 2009, started construction on November 16 of the same year, and put into trial production in January 2011.

Business Introduction

The company is a professional coal transit terminal, which mainly provides coal loading and unloading transit and warehousing services for various social enterprises, and provides logistics transit channels for large enterprises such as power plants, steel plants, and building materials factories in the upper reaches of the Yangtze River. It plays an important role in local economic development.It has become one of the largest professional coal terminals in the Yangtze River Basin.

The company has built a total of 3 70,000-ton deep water berths and 4 5,000-ton inner harbor berths, with a deep water coastline of 1200m, and a 34-square-meter storage yard in the rear land area, with a storage capacity of 1 million tons;Production equipment mainly includes 7 portal cranes, 3 bridge cranes, 3 bucket wheels, 3 ship loader, 10 loaders, 22 belt conveyors, 2 forklifts and other 50 equipments.


Competitive advantages

1. Specialization and high level.The company is a specialized coal transfer terminal, which mainly provides “sea-in-the-river” coal transfer and storage services for various coal terminal customers along the Yangtze River and the canal basin.The wharf can berth 3 50,000-ton sea vessels or 2 70-100,000 ton sea vessels at the same time. The perennial water depth at the front of the wharf is more than 17 meters, which can meet the berthing needs of various large ships after the "Twelfth Five-Year" Yangtze River Channel is renovated.At the same time, it has 7 inner harbor berths, the main berth is used for deep water and the harbor berth is used for shallow water, which can meet the timely and efficient transshipment needs of various types of ships.

2. Supporting services.The company’s terminal is equipped with advanced and professional equipment, and can provide value-added services such as coal preparation, coal blending, and mechanized sampling.It can meet various handover methods such as water gauge measurement, belt scale measurement, electronic scale measurement, floor scale measurement, etc., which can effectively meet the diverse needs of various enterprises.

3. Workbench efficiency and freight quality. At present, the mainstream ship type of 50,000 tons of sea vessels can be unloaded and departed within 24 hours, and the port's loading capacity can reach 100,000 tons per day;The company is in the lead in the control of cargo loss, and has more than 50 sets of monitoring systems, images are retained for 3 months, storage yards, docks, and roads are fully covered, and the production process is monitored throughout.