Good news keeps coming! Multiple projects of Conch Entrepreneurship have successively achieved grid connected power generation
Date:2023-07-28 From:海螺创业

        Since the second quarter, all units of the company have been working hard in the second quarter, outperforming the "first half" and paying tribute to the 10th anniversary of Conch's entrepreneurship and listing with practical actions! The scorching sun in June is like fire, and it is hard to stop the frequent occurrence of good news. In June, the company successfully achieved grid connected power generation for 5 projects.


        In the process of promoting project integration, various project companies, units under construction, and professional departments are interconnected, horizontally coordinated, and form a joint force. Waiting is not a solution, only then can there be hope "is regarded by Xichou as the" Xichou Spirit ", and Xichou Haichuang interprets the meaning with excellent results of grid connection and power generation 115 days in advance


        Debugging and operation work is the final sprint stage of grid connection operation, with many difficulties, tight time, and heavy tasks. The project company bravely undertakes heavy responsibilities, overcomes difficulties, and actively overcomes all unfavorable factors. Taonan Haichuang competed against time to successfully complete the commissioning work of the unit's impulse starting;Employees from Hohhot, Baotou, and Liaocheng companies take the initiative, actively coordinate with various participating units, perform their respective duties, closely cooperate, and steadily and orderly promote project installation and preliminary trial operation according to the established plan, successfully achieving grid connected power generation.


        The construction work of various units under construction is in full swing, and they are making every effort to exceed the planned production.


        This year marks the tenth anniversary of Conch Entrepreneurship's listing in Hong Kong and the closing year of the five-year plan. The mission is significant and the task is arduous. In the second half of the year, the company has devoted itself to various tasks with a spirit of "full bow and full string", focusing on the annual task goals, grasping the speed of project construction and operational quality, and using practical results to accelerate development