Strive to be the first and shoulder the heavy responsibility - one of the series of interviews at the Conch Entrepreneurship Annual Meeting
Date:2022-01-22 From:海螺创业

        Editor's note: 2022 is the year of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the year of completing the company's "five-year development plan" ahead of schedule, and an important year for improving quality and efficiency, driving innovation, and accelerating the development of the new energy industry. From January 21st to 22nd, the 2022 work conference of Conch Ventures was held in Wuhu Conch International Conference Center. General Manager Ji Qinying made an annual work report on behalf of the company to further clarify ideas and measures for everyone; Chairman Guo Jingbin analyzed the current domestic economic situation and industry development trend, and made detailed arrangements for the key work in the future period, for the purpose of The company's new round of planning and implementation seeks a good situation. During the interval of the meeting, each sub-venue organized interviews with some of the advanced representatives who participated in the meeting. Everyone talked about their understanding of the spirit of the meeting and the situation and tasks, and looked forward to the future development blueprint of Conch Venture.


        Chen Jianhua, General Manager of Tongren Haichuang: I won the honor of "Excellent Manager" of the group this year, which is an encouragement and affirmation for me, and it is also a spur to me. In 2021, Tongrenhai hit a record high with two furnaces running continuously for 270 days. Fuquan Haichuang Phase II achieved the goal of early connection to the grid. The Qingzhen and Meitan projects in Guizhou have been signed successively, adding a new dimension to the development of Conch Ventures in Guizhou. military. After listening to Chairman Guo's important speech and Ji Zong's work report, I was deeply encouraged and felt that it was very difficult. In 2022, I will be based on the present, move forward bravely, conscientiously implement the spirit of the Conch Entrepreneurship Annual Meeting, focus on the annual business goals of the company that has been put into operation, and focus on each construction node of the under-construction project, so as to ensure the stable and progress of the operation company's work and the quality of the construction-in-progress. , progress, and safety are fully under control, strive to complete the annual goals and tasks, accurately plan regional development, gather strength with confidence, and write the chapter with hard work. 


        Ji Bing, general manager of Yiyang Haichuang Environmental Protection: I am very excited to be named the outstanding manager of Conch Venture in 2021. I will cherish the honor, take up the responsibility, and make persistent efforts. At this meeting, Chairman Guo's speech and General Manager Ji Qinying's work report analyzed the "14th Five-Year Plan for Circular Economy Development", the national "3060" carbon peaking and carbon neutral strategy, and the post-epidemic period. There are good opportunities for regional economic development. The new round of development planning of the group company from 2023 to 2028 has clear goals, accurate and effective safeguard measures, and gives full play to the company's environmental protection sector as the "last mile" of environmental protection. The unique advantages of disposal. "The mission is glorious and the responsibility is heavy", which made me gain a lot and touched a lot. The journey is long, only struggle. At present, the environmental protection industry has risen to the level of national policy. We will firmly grasp this historical opportunity period, do solid work, give full play to the role of regional integration, strengthen mutual assistance and cooperation among subsidiaries, and clarify market construction goals and expansion measures. Reasonable Allocate the regional disposal capacity and resources, give full play to production capacity, fully promote the development and construction of new projects, strengthen the foundation and solidify the foundation, carry out fine management, and implement the spirit of the group company's annual meeting, so as to improve the overall operating efficiency of the group company and enhance the brand value. contribute.


        Li Minghui, Assistant Director of Yiyang Energy Production and Operation Department: I am honored to be rated as the advanced individual of the group, which is not only an honor but also a responsibility for me personally. Looking back at 2021, Yiyang Energy has put forward a variety of technical transformation plans around energy conservation and efficiency enhancement, and has been implemented. In 2022, I will wholeheartedly devote myself to the production of Haichuang green energy, do a good job in building a professional and technical personnel team, further improve the company's operation quality, and complete various operation indicators in 2022.


        Yang Zhi, Assistant Director of Baoshan Haichuang Production and Operation Department: I would like to thank the group company for its recognition of my work in 2021. This is not only an honor, but also a responsibility for me. In 2022, I will keep my mission in mind and continue to explore. Give full play to the leading role as an advanced model, continue to study in the professional field, take responsibility for yourself, act proactively, overcome difficulties in work, do hard work, and strive to be the first, improve the quality of operation by optimizing the production organization, grasping indicators and benchmarking , to reduce costs and increase efficiency, and contribute to the company's full completion of the annual business goals and tasks.


        Ding Hao, Chief Controlling Officer of Ningguo Haichuang Production and Operation Department: I am honored to be awarded the title of Advanced Individual. I am extremely excited. Chairman Guo Jingbin's speech and General Manager Ji Qinying's report at the annual meeting are thoroughly analyzed and have clear goals. Makes me full and full of energy. In 2022, I will take the long-term stable and efficient operation of the unit as the operating purpose, play a leading role as an advanced model, continue to study and study, optimize and summarize the operation ideas, strengthen the monitoring of operating parameters, and deepen the grasp of the operating principles of the system. At work, I will do a good job of teaching and guiding, and strengthen team cooperation and common progress. With fuller enthusiasm, tenacious will, hard work, and resolutely complete the various tasks and indicators issued by the company, we will forge ahead for the company's new round of high-quality development.

        Postscript: In the new year, our development and operation tasks are arduous. The company's managers and employees at all levels must focus on the goals, take a long-term perspective, seize opportunities, and be pragmatic and enterprising with a more vigorous fighting spirit and a fuller mental state. , work hard, pioneer and innovate, strive to complete the goals and tasks of the year, and create a new chapter of high-quality development!