Conch Venture's 2022 Work Conference was successfully held!
Date:2022-01-23 From:海螺创业

        On January 21, 2022, the 2022 work conference of Conch Venture was successfully held in the first conference room of Wuhu Conch International Conference Center. Company leaders Guo Jingbin, Ji Qinying, Li Daming, Wang Xuesen, Han Jiwu, Shumao, Zhang Keke, Wang Junxian, Wan Changbao, Chen Xingqiang, Zhang Bangzhi, Wang Jianli, heads of various departments, members of subsidiary teams in Anhui Province and department heads More than 140 people attended the meeting on site, and personnel from various regions and subsidiaries outside the province participated in the meeting by video.


The main venue

        2022 is an important year for the company to improve quality and efficiency, drive innovation, and accelerate the development of the new energy industry. It is of great significance and crucial to fully complete all tasks in 2022. The delegates arrived at the venue one after another, and the staff warmly received them and carefully guided the participants to sit down.

        The meeting was warm and solemn. The electronic screen in the conference room scrolled and played "Conch Venture 2022 Work Conference Grandly Held", "Improving Quality and Efficiency, Driving Innovation to Complete Business Objectives and Tasks, and Welcome the Party's Twenty Victories with Excellent Results!", "Led by a new round of development planning, seize the 'double carbon' strategic opportunity, adhere to 'innovation-driven, three arrows', and promote the company's high-quality development!" and other promotional slogans, inspired all employees to strive to achieve the task in 2022 Confidence and courage to aim.


        At the meeting, the Finance Department of Conch Venture informed the completion of Conch Venture's 2021 financial budget and its 2022 business goals. The Operation Management Department notified the completion of Conch Venture's comprehensive plan in 2021 and its production target in 2022. The Finance Department of Conch Environmental Protection reported the completion of Conch Environmental Protection's 2021 financial budget and its 2022 business goals. The Ministry of Safety Production and Environmental Protection notified the completion of Conch Environmental Protection's comprehensive plan in 2021 and its production target in 2022. The Engineering Management Department notified the project construction in 2021 and the project investment and construction plan in 2022.


        Deputy General Manager Li Daming read out the "Decision on Commending the Company's Advanced Collectives and Advanced Individuals in 2021". The commendation decision pointed out that it is hoped that the commended individuals and collectives will continue to play an exemplary and leading role in the new year, guard against arrogance and impatience, make persistent efforts, and achieve better results. All units should take advanced models as an example, keep in mind the purpose, work diligently, and make unremitting efforts to achieve the goals and tasks of the company's new round of development planning. At the same time, all units should vigorously publicize advanced deeds, carry forward and learn from their enterprising spirit of being good at researching and daring to tackle key problems, and their dedication to their duties and work hard, and create a strong atmosphere of "comparing, learning, rushing, helping, and surpassing". 


        Ji Qin, the general manager, should make a 2022 work report to the conference on behalf of the company.

        The report briefly reviewed the company's impressive performance in the eight years since its listing. The report comprehensively summarizes the work in 2021 from six aspects. The first is to coordinate and promote the development and mergers and acquisitions of environmental protection and new energy projects, and the company's scale has achieved new breakthroughs; the second is to focus on improving management quality and strengthen the endogenous power of the enterprise; the third is to take multiple measures to accelerate project construction; the fourth is to implement safety, environmental protection and production. The operation was under joint management, and the safety and environmental protection management made steady progress; fifthly, the pace of development was adjusted, and other industrial sectors made new achievements; sixthly, the capital operation was carried out in an orderly manner, which received wide attention from the capital market.

        The report also pointed out deficiencies in the work in 2021 in terms of business indicators, operational quality, safety and environmental protection, and project progress.

        The report clarifies the production and operation goals and management ideas for 2022: guided by a new round of development planning, seize the "two-carbon" strategic opportunity, adhere to "innovation-driven, three arrows", and promote the company's high-quality development. Efforts will be made to build a new engine for the new energy industry, and strive to build China's first and world-leading large-scale comprehensive environmental protection enterprise group as soon as possible. With the outstanding achievements of the listing of China Conch Environmental Protection, the independent operation of Haichuang Green Energy, the commissioning of Haichuang Energy, and the full completion of business objectives and tasks, we welcome the victory of the 20th Party Congress! 

        Finally, the report puts forward the main work ideas and safeguard measures in 2022 from 8 aspects: First, focus on the development of projects in the environmental protection industry and new technology research, and accumulate new advantages for the company's development. The second is to strive to open up the market, optimize technical transformation measures, and achieve further improvement in operational quality. The third is to improve the project management mode and speed up the construction progress. The fourth is to accurately grasp the "time" and "trend" of the dual-carbon policy outlet period, and promote the rapid development of the new energy industry. Fifth, following the general development trend of the company, the profitability of other industrial sectors will be further improved. Sixth, firmly establish the "red line awareness" to ensure that the company's safety and environmental protection management is stable and under control. Seventh, the Company will advance the spin-off and listing work in an orderly manner, and actively seek mergers and acquisitions of high-quality target carriers. The eighth is to give full play to the coordinating role of human resources, improve the cadre team building and salary management system, and lay the foundation for the rapid development of the company.


        During the meeting, the participants were serious and carefully recorded. The work ideas for 2022 were clear and specific, and the action measures were active and effective.


        Chairman Guo Jingbin summarized the meeting and made detailed arrangements for key tasks in 2022.

        1.Face the difficulties, catch up, and write a new chapter of high-quality development

        2022 is a crucial year for completing the company's "Five-Year Development Plan" ahead of schedule, and it is also an important year for improving quality and efficiency, driving innovation, and accelerating the development of the new energy industry. All units should firmly grasp the requirements of the five-year development plan, comprehensively improve the quality and efficiency and core competitiveness, and achieve the annual profit target.

        Conch Environmental Protection is the absolute leader in the national cement kiln co-processing solid and hazardous waste industry. The company has a good top-level design, a sound leadership team, and a clear strategic plan. It has many advantages such as light assets, low cost, high gross profit margin, and clean eating. High hopes and broad prospects for development. In terms of industrial layout, managers at all levels should improve their positions, understand and thoroughly understand the development paths and technologies of sludge, fly ash, sludge, lithium battery recycling, etc., and efficiently complete the next five-year plan of 30 million tons/year of solid hazardous waste Deal with scale development goals. In terms of operating efficiency, each subsidiary should schedule and issue monthly decomposition tasks according to the company's annual comprehensive plan, improve the assessment and evaluation system and analysis, implement process control, refine and refine the market, and ensure the completion of the monthly incoming plant quantity plan. Target.

        The subsidiaries of Haichuang Green Energy, first, continue to play the leading role of benchmarking enterprises in improving quality and efficiency, and focus on the analysis and assessment of abnormal main indicators; using intelligent and new technology means, it is necessary to summarize the trial of Jinzhai Phase I Industrial Intelligent System effect, promote technological transformation and technical measures, and reduce energy consumption. The second is to identify the crux of the problem in overdue settlement, strengthen communication and coordination between the government, and achieve monthly settlement and quarterly settlement, so as to avoid long delays and difficult settlements.

        2. Leading by innovation, activating the mechanism, and grasping the pulse of the high-speed take-off in the new era

        From the perspective of strategic planning, in 2022, the company will take the new round of development planning as the guide, seize the "dual carbon" strategic opportunity, while vigorously developing the environmental protection industry, do a good job in the planning and development layout of the new energy industry, and make every effort to promote Wuhu The lithium iron phosphate cathode material project and the Leshan anode material project have accumulated experience in the implementation of lithium battery material production projects, studied the deployment of new energy industries across the country, and created new performance growth points for the company. From the perspective of the management mechanism, the next step is to continue to explore and plan the incentive mechanism, and form a perfect incentive system, so that employees can enjoy the results brought by the rapid development of the enterprise, stimulate the enthusiasm of employees to work, and promote the high-quality development of the company. From the point of view of the management team, it is necessary to build an elite management team with tenacity, strong execution, pragmatism and dedication, "if we do not fight, we will win if we fight".

        3. Compete for the first place, take the initiative to act, do a good job in citing and cultivating cadres, and improve the "soft power" of sustainable development of enterprises

        The first is to firmly establish the enterprising spirit of "doing nothing for one day and being uneasy for three days", to reflect on one's own work status, and to be a "concerned person" in management. The second is to focus on the long-term development of the enterprise, strengthen the decomposition and assessment of the annual target responsibility system, establish a cadre assessment and incentive system in which personnel can enter and exit, salary can be raised and lowered, and talents stand out. A vigorous and dynamic cadre management mechanism. The third is to increase the training of young cadres. The post-80s and post-90s cadres with solid work and outstanding performance should be boldly used, dare to make exceptions for promotion, and push young cadres who have the ability and desire to be important positions to enhance the vitality and motivation of the team. play a greater role in the post.

        At the end of the meeting, Chairman Guo Jingbin, on behalf of the company, extended Chinese New Year wishes to the cadres, employees and their families, wishing everyone a happy New Year and a happy family!